• Attend classes and practice at home on a regular, consistent basis.

  • Store shoes and bags neatly in designated areas.

  • Always come to class prepared and on time.

  • All students must wait for head instructor’s permission prior to entering the mat area.

  • Removes shoes, socks and wipe feet prior to bowing to the Center of the mat when entering and exiting the mat area.

  • When you enter the mat area greet all students and instructors with a handshake and bow starting with the highest rank first.

  • Maintain a respectful posture and attitude on the mat, always engaged and ready to learn.

  • Address all instructors as Mr. or Ms. and last name.

  • Address all guest instructors with their proper title.

  • Classes begin with a formal bow to Kamiza (Upper Seat), a formal bow to Shimoseki (Lower Side), reciting of the ‘Student Creed’ and a formal bow to the instructor (Joseki – Upper Side) followed by ‘Osu’.

  • Classes end with a formal bow to Shimoseki (Lower Side), a formal bow to the instructor (Joseki – Upper Side), and a formal bow to Kamiza (Upper Seat) followed by ‘Osu’ and proceed to shake hand with the instructor and all attending classmates in a line.

  • No talking during technical demonstration, instruction or correction by instructor, attention should remain focused on the instructor.

  • If you are late to class wait to enter the mat area until you have permission from the head or assistant instructors.  This is for the respect and safety of the entire class.

  • Bow, shake your partners hand and vocally say ‘Thank You’ prior to and following drilling or sparring.

  • No student is to leave the mat area without the express permission of the head instructor.

  • When talking it should only be pertinent to the class, kept to minimum and not be disruptive.  No talking should take place during technical demonstration, instruction or correction by instructor, attention should remain focused on the instructor.

  • Disrespectful actions and/or language are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

  • Proper uniforms must be worn during training.  Matching White, Blue or Black academy Gis are required for all classes unless directed otherwise.  Academy Rash Guard and Board Shorts are to be worn for No-Gi training unless directed otherwise.

  • All competitors must compete in academy competition attire.

  • Keep uniform and belt orderly during training.

  • When retying your belt turn and face the Lower Seat (Shimoza) Wall.

  • Please refrain from wearing your gi top and belt in public unless participating in an academy event. There are a lot of reasons for this with sanitary reasons being the most prominent.

  • Class attire must be clean and in good repair at all times.  Bad Hygiene, torn or dirty attire is a sign of disrespect to yourself and others.

  • Keep finger and toenails trimmed short for everyone’s safety.

  • All metal objects, jewelry, piercings, or other objects should be removed prior to class.

  • No cell phones, shoes, gum, food or drink are permitted on the mat.

  • Shoes must be worn at all times when off of the mat.

  • IMMA expects students to abide by the Student Creed in and out of the academy and will proactively enforce this policy in a positive manner.  When Student Creed is recited, come to attention, even if not attending class.

  • Minor age students are only permitted to leave the academy with adults approved by the parent/legal guardian of the student.  Minor age students are required to be checked out by the responsible party.

  • Children must not be left unattended.  Children must be with their parent at all times or remain seated at all times.  Absolutely NO moving toys (balls, cars, trucks, etc.) allowed.

  • Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s training.  However, parent interruptions and excessive distractions during classes/activities are strongly discouraged and as needed, will be appropriately addressed by IMMA leadership.  Parents are expected to be a positive influence on all IMMA students and exhibit good sportsmanship at all IMMA classes/events.

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