“My son Wyley has been attending classes here for three months now, and he absolutely enjoys every minute of it. He is so excited to go to every class, and loves to share with the family what he learned that day. The instruction is top notch and there is a real team (together everyone achieves more) atmosphere. If you have a child who is thinking about joining then you must go in and sit through a class, I believe the daily life lessons professor Haben teaches these kids are really priceless. Your child will be mentally and physically tougher, as well as a better member of society!”

– Amber Jean Hodge

“My son has been taking classes for around 6 months and he has not only advanced in his bjj skills but he has learned so much self control and self discipline. His teachers at school have even noticed. I owe a lot of this to Professor Haben and his class. I highly recommend taking classes under Professor Haben and his gym.”

– Kassandra Creasy

“My 4 yr old loves these lil dragon classes. He is learning respect & focus along with discipline. I highly recommend these classes especially if you have a child who needs an outlet. (Like mine)”
– Amber Hickl

“Excellent place to train in martial arts, when I first walked in the door I was not treated like a customer, I was welcomed like family, we have a great family and teamwork atmosphere, professor Haben is a great teacher and great with us adults and the kids, great curriculum and morals. I love this place.”
– James Delaney


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