Equipping the
Everyday Warrior

A Week Trial starts your Journey towards success


What’s Holding You Back?

Discipline & Details

Falling short is usually a result of missing something small. At IMMA we will help you learn to mind what matters when meeting your goals.

Strength & Nutrition

That gut feeling when you hear “transaction denied!” Let us help you learn what to deposit in your health account so it’s there when you need it.

Mindset & Attitude

Perspective, Persistence & Perseverance. At IMMA we develop Whole and Healthy Individuals who know how to Live Life on Purpose and Never Quit!

Money & Time Management

You might think Self-Defense and a Healthy Life is out of your budget but for less than a daily trip to your coffee house you can have both at IMMA.


The Difference


The Difference

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Get Started

Take the
First Step

Take the First Step

We offer a Free Class to get things started. Contact us to set up your Free Class or to get more information on starting YOUR journey to a better you.

Step 2


Try It Out


Get Involved

If you feel like jump starting your life change & want to experience a Week Trial at IMMA $20 gets you full access. Space is limited so sign up today!

Step 3


Start Your Journey

Launching Point

Start you journey to your BEST YOU by either enrolling into one of our programs or if you need more time we offer extended trial options as well.


Lives Changed…

An Opportunity for Growth!

“We had our son attend a summer camp at IMMA almost entirely by accident. In that one week Mr. Haben and the IMMA family had accomplished what no other coach or team had ever been able to do. He felt like part of the team. But I have 4 sons and was a little hesitant to leave them all anywhere. After what I observed with just the trial period I realized I wasn’t dealing with someone who could “handle” my kids. I was dealing with someone who could grow my kids…”

~ CG King

Positive Coaching

“Mr Haben, thank you for your encouraging, uplifting communication… I’m not sure I’ve ever had a “coach” who has communicated so much positivity… in fact my earliest coaches, back in the days before there was much study of these things were quite negative and even harsh… I like to think I’m almost over those early experiences now some 50 years later! Thanks again for watching out for us”

~ John Patterson

Outstanding Instructors

“My 9 year old started classes here in August. We came from Taekwondo… Mr. Haben and his assisting instructors are really outstanding. The dojo is spotless… These kids are learning mma (multiple disciplines) all in one place. As Mr. Haben put it, they are learning very difficult things without us telling them that it’s difficult. My son looks forward to every class – and he can do as many classes as he wants the way the program is set up. Highly recommend.”

~ Noelle Glenn