Get Equipped for Life at Any Age/Skill Level

Inochi is not unique in its concept however it is unique in its implementation. Every class is a fresh look at continuing to advance in each student’s technique and effectiveness in application to give them the Courage, Confidence and Composure to Live Life on Purpose and Never Quit!

Martial Arts At IMMA you get 4 academies for the price of 1

Our conviction is to equip you with the ability to work wherever the fight might go.

Our curriculum and trainers are accredited by:

– IBJJF for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
– USJA/IJF for Judo
– JKDF for Jukido (Striking)
– USA Wrestling

Lil’ Dragons (4-6 years old)

At Inochi Mixed Martial Arts we love our Lil’ Dragons!

Many people doubt that children as young as 4 years old can accomplish much more than looking cute in a martial arts uniform, and while they are very good at being cute, they are great students too. At IMMA we have developed classes and fun drills that are designed to focus and draw out the best in your child.

The Lil’ Dragons class is designed specifically for our 4-6 Year olds and deals with primarily allowing the kids to ‘learn how to learn’. The class goes for approximately 55 minutes and there is a base curriculum for our Lil’ Dragons along with a different stripe and belt program.

All of this is gearing them to be able to excel in our Kid’s Program. Most of our Lil’ Dragons move out of the program within 6-12 months but it is designed to allow a student to remain in the program for two years if necessary. There is a demand placed on them but never any pressure to move faster than their God-given uniqueness allows them to move.

Kid’s Program (7-12 years old)

Our Kid’s Program is a life changing, special experience for your child. Your 7-12 year old is growing up and becoming the person that they will be for the rest of their life. They are also learning how to become independent at school, sporting and academic functions and all of the things our kids are involved in. This makes them more vulnerable as they leave your watchful eye and the ability and confidence to make right choices and – if necessary – to defend themselves is a must in today’s world. This is an important time in a child’s life where a good influence can get them and keep them on the right track.

A qualified Black Belt instructor commands respect and is looked up to by young people from all backgrounds. We have the unique opportunity to influence the way a young person sees him or herself, and can teach them how to defend themselves from physical, emotional, moral and verbal attacks.


You will learn to fight, defend yourself, and all of the other things that quality academies offer but you will also grow as an individual in ways that you never thought possible. Inochi was designed with YOU in mind, Your safety, Your health, Your physical well-being, Your family and Your community. You will be challenged and pushed to your limits and beyond while being encouraged to press higher by your new found friends and family.

At Inochi Mixed Martial Arts we understand that the journey towards becoming effective and efficient in Martial Arts is a long one, however the journey to learn is never ending. The friends you make here will become family as you push each other to be your best throughout the years.

Inochi’s Mixed Martial Arts program is designed for those looking to begin training in martial arts or looking to become more complete in their martial arts training. We not only give you the foundation you need to be successful in martial arts but the transitional tools you will need to apply the techniques you will learn in a variety of situations.

Wrestling (7 years old and up)

Wrestling represents one of the oldest forms of combat. The origins of wrestling go back 15,000 years through cave drawings and other depictions showing wrestlers using most of the holds known in the present-day sport. You can even find references to wrestling in Bible!

IMMA incorporates wrestling into our program for a number of reasons due to its attributes of takedown defense and positional control as well as the physical conditioning it produces in your body! The other reason is that it is a direct link to allowing our kids to stay on the mats through their High School years and provides them the opportunity to continue to advance and grow as a Martial Artist without being distracted by other sports that can actually cause them to go backwards in their training due to absence, injury or just overworked! Wrestling also gives our students the ability to obtain scholarship opportunities for their college education as most of our High School Wrestlers have been training with us since they were in Elementary School.